Stop Harassing EC- NPP Tells NDC

Richard Ahiagba


The ongoing Limited Registration exercise by the Electoral Commission (EC) has been met with some challenges and criticisms from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NDC has accused the EC of voter suppression and called for a review of the modalities of the exercise.

In response, the Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Richard Ahiagba, called on the NDC to stop harassing the EC and allow them to do their independent work.

Mr. Ahiagba expressed his disapproval of the posture of the NDC and stressed that the parties must ”play by the rules set by the EC”.

Mr. Ahiagba also highlighted some visible challenges being witnessed by the ongoing exercise, including insufficient equipment and an unstable network, which is slowing down the process. To expedite the Limited Voter Registration process, Mr. Ahiagba suggested that the EC engages other service providers to maximize the reliability of network connectivity for their machines.

While the NDC and some civil society organizations continue to express concerns over the modalities of the exercise, some members of the NPP have expressed satisfaction with the first week of the limited voter registration. The registration began on September 12, aimed at capturing first-time voters yet to secure their Voter ID cards. The registrations are ongoing in the district offices of the Electoral Commission across the country.

In conclusion, this ongoing Limited Registration exercise has faced some challenges and criticisms, and pressure is mounting on the EC to consider reviewing its modalities to ensure the process is transparent and accessible to all eligible voters.

By Vincent Kubi