Strongman, Kweku Smoke In Lyrical Battle

Kweku Smoke and Strongman

Rappers Strongman and Kweku Smoke have been trending for days on Twitter, following an ongoing rap battle between them.

The fight started on Twitter over a Sarkodie issue when Kweku Smoke threw a jab at Strongman with an Oseikrom Sikanii song calling him broke. Strongman also responded with a Mr. Drew song, saying “Kweku is foolish.”

Interestingly it didn’t end there, Kweku Smoke replied with Ko-Jo Cue’s ‘32’ song on his latest EP and aimed at Strongman’s parents. Strongman picked the same beat for the same song and replied Kweku Smoke in the same measure by also insulting his parents.

In the song, ‘Short Man’, Strongman hits hard while he tackles Kwaku Smoke’s claim that he resides in a room with 10 other people, dismissing it as a humorous exaggeration. He also defends his daughter, Simona, against Kwaku Smoke’s insults.

Strongman asserts that his daughter possesses more influence and success than any of Kwaku Smoke’s past relationships, highlighting Simona’s multiple ambassadorial deals while taking shots at his parents. The two rappers have since been trending on Twitter.