Support Internal Auditors – EOCO Boss

Madam Tiwaa addressing attendees


Executive Director of Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO), Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, has called on heads of institutions to support the work of internal auditors.

According to the Director, internal auditors are not given enough liberty to do their jobs in their designated institutions despite their expertise and knowledge in the field.

This, she said, is attributed to the fact that some heads try to interfere in the work of internal auditors and after reports are made, they do not contribute recommendations or solutions to the new findings.

She, therefore, encouraged heads of institutions to allow for independence and support the works of internal auditors.

“Internal auditors are people who help prevent corruption within institutions but many a times, they are not given the freedom to do their work. They have the knowledge and skills needed to help prevent corruption so that money is not wasted on investigations,” she said.

“Heads of organizations should therefore support internal auditors and allow them to do their work independently. When reports are prepared, they should look at it and help with recommendations. This is what will help our country grow,” she added.

The Director shared this information whiles speaking at a symposium held by the Internal Audit Agency (IAA) for the 2023 Internal Audit Awareness Week on the topic ‘Relevance of Preventing Corruption in Ghana Through Institutional Collaboration: Role of the internal auditor.’

President of the National Internal Auditors Association of MMDAs and RCCs, Michael Ayivi, also called for the Internal Audit Agency Act 2003 (Act 658) to be amended soon so as to cement the independence of internal auditors within institutions and also address the negative working conditions of internal auditors in the country.


By Abigail Atinuke Seyram Adeyemi