Takoradi Traders Fret Over Refuse Stench


Some traders around the Central Business District (CBD) of Takoradi have expressed displeasure about the incessant dumping of refuse and sometimes human excreta in front of the former Takoradi Market Circle Police Station and near the new Takoradi Market, which is under construction.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that every morning, rubbish collected from various homes and other areas in Takoradi are dumped at that particular area at the CBD for hours before being transferred to a final dumping site.

The traders said it is an eyesore to observe people who reside in the CBD also disposing off their wastes at that place in their bid to avoid paying fees charged by waste management companies.

DAILY GUIDE again gathered that as early as 6:30 am each day, that particular spot in front of the former Market Circle Police Station is filled with garbage. This situation attracts others to do same.

The traders wonder why the waste managers will not move the garbage to the final dumping site but rather dump it at the CBD, creating inconveniences to traders and others.

They claimed that they could not stand the stench that emanates from the refuse each morning, and are afraid that there could be an outbreak of cholera and other communicable diseases in the area.

“We have made several complaints to the authorities concerned to help stop people from dumping their refuse at where we ply our trade but to no avail,” they said.

Meanwhile, a source at the Takoradi Sub-Metropolitan Assembly indicated that those responsible for clearing the refuse from all parts of the market circle have been executing their job very well.

“But because they use manual tools, it takes time before they are able to clear all the rubbish.

“If they were using some advanced tools for their work, they could finish clearing the rubbish by 7am each day, but because they use manual tools or manpower, it takes time to clear the refuse.

“So it is not our intention to leave the rubbish there to pile up, but it only takes some time before those responsible, do their duty.

“We learnt that some people intentionally take refuse from their houses and drop them at the business district, this is an offence which we have taken notice of and will soon prosecute offenders,” the source disclosed.

From Emmanuel Opoku, Takoradi