Talk To Someone If You Have Suicidal Thoughts- Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face is not relenting in his campaign against suicide.

He continues to advise persons suffering from depression not to succumb to suicide. According to him, suicide is not an option.

In his latest interview with GTV, he pleaded with them to talk to somebody if they find themselves in a state of mind that is persuading them to take their own lives.

“My biggest lesson is, if any human is going through something, I want to talk to somebody,” he said.

“My dear brother, my dear sister, I don’t know what you are going through, I don’t know what is your burden, but if you look at me today, if you look at me these days, see me again, go back on YouTube, go back on the internet, play everything. Just type Funny Face depression. For two good years, I was going through depression. I wanted to die. Actually, I went to Cape Coast. I wanted to die in the sea. One old lady said, if you want to die, where you are standing, it’s too short. Go deeper and I said old lady relax “, he added.

Several months ago Funny Face announced that he had suffered depression due to his failed marriages and subsequently losing access to his twins.

His situation got to a point that he was even insulting some prominent figures in Ghana’s entertainment industry.

He, however, apologized to all the people he offended during his depressive moments saying,” I wanna say sorry to anyone I offended during my time of depression. Everybody, anybody I insulted, please forgive me I’m a human, God bless you. Let’s do this again.”