Theovision Trains Rural Pastors Using Oral Communication Technology (PHOTOS)

With a cast of 261 graduates with their friends and family, the Founder and President of Theovision International, the President and the Board Chairman of Moody Global Ministries in Chicago-USA and many other dignitaries – the 2017 Moody School of the Bible Graduation Ceremony was a truly momentous occasion on an unprecedented scale for Theovision International.
The day’s event, which took place at the Church of Pentecost (Central Assembly) in Asamankese in the Eastern Region of Ghana on the 12th of August 2017, marked an extraordinary day for all concerned. The ceremony played host to guests from a vast spectrum of Churches, cultures and backgrounds, resulting in a vibrant celebratory atmosphere.

Moody School of the Bible is a correspondence Bible School program envisioned by Theovision International in collaboration with Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (USA), to train Pastors, Missionaries and Church Leaders in rural communities in Ghana; using 100% oral communication technology. This program is the first of its kind in Ghana.

Theovision International, before the inception of the Oral School of the Bible, has been running Bible Listening Programs in different rural areas, among several communities and among oral cultures. The Bible Listening program is a form of Bible Studies which is conducted 100% orally with the Bible in audio form. Although because of its oral nature anyone with little or no education could facilitate the listening sessions, it became obvious after many years that the facilitators needed some form of training. To actualize this vision, Theovision International translated and recorded Bible school lectures /classes from Moody Bible Institute and loaded them on solar-powered audio playback devices. The first one-year course which began in August 2016 included lessons on The Life of Christ, Basic Christian Doctrine, and Old Testament/New Testament Surveys.

The 281 participants who enrolled for this program were selected through comprehensive interviews from some Akan or Twi speaking areas like Asamankese, Nsawam & Adoagyire, Assin Fosu, Kumasi and Sehwe Wiaso. One student however dropped out and so did not graduate.
For many of the 261 students who were present to receive their certificates, the occasion was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they will never forget. Our graduates and their guests were notably impressed by the splendor of the ceremony and the grandeur of the auditorium in which the ceremony took place. Many were “bursting with pride”, having been congratulated in person on their academic achievements by the President of Theovision International and the President of Moody Global Ministries.

Dr. Paul J. Nyquist, President of Moody Global Ministries

Dr. Paul J. Nyquist, President of Moody Global Ministries, said in His commencement speech that through this training, talents have been given out to each of the graduands, and each one of them would be held accountable. He therefore challenged them to use whatever knowledge they have acquired in the courses to transform lives and be agents of change in their respective communities and Churches.
In his congratulatory speech, Rev. Theodore Asare, Founder and President of Theovision International, congratulated our graduates for their achievements and told them how the faculty is aware that their journey in getting to this point has been far from easy; and that for all of them, it represents a long and sustained commitment to their respective Ministries.

Rev. Theodore Asare, Founder and President of Theovision International

He thanked Moody Global Ministries for their partnership and all agencies and individuals who worked hard to make this program a success.
Five students whose performances were outstanding were given awards. The categories of the awards were Overall Best Student, Most Committed Visually Challenged Student, Best Student for Life of Christ class, Best Student for Basic Christian Doctrine class and Best Student for Old/New Testament Survey class.
The future of the Moody School of the Bible is to continue with level 2 of the course which will be in Twi and Ewe, and the subsequently expanded to cover all the remaining languages in Ghana. Recruitment of participants for level 2 begins in January 2018.
Theovision International continues to partner with different agencies like NCA, ICE, Ministry of Health, Voto Mobile Communication Ltd., etc. to use technology in varied ways to provide education in very remote areas of Ghana. We are open for partnerships from any organization or agency that wants to join us in our quest to bring transformation to the deprived communities of Ghana using cutting-edge oral methods.
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