To Be Forewarned Is To Be…

John Mahama

While we can vouch for a tranquil 2020 election, we find former President John Mahama’s subtle prediction of chaos should the Election Commission (EC)  go ahead with a new voters’ register, as he put it, as tying in to his party’s mischievous agenda.

Leading members of his party have been recorded during secret meetings considering making the country ungovernable should things not go their way. One of them has been arraigned for planning such mischief the adjudication of which is ongoing.

Ghanaians, especially those charged with securing the nation and warding off anything which can compromise national security, should take note of the former President’s threat and prepare themselves accordingly.

The lead story in this edition is about the former President saying that the chairperson of the EC should be blamable for chaos should, as he put it, Ms. Jean Mensa go ahead to do what she is doing.

The EC is only working to give the country a deserved voters’ register, period! It is unfathomable just how the compilation of a new voters’ register can cause chaos in the country as the former President has envisaged.

What the former President has said should, of course, be the position of the NDC — that if the contaminated voters’ register is not used in this year’s polls, they would turn the country upside down.

Although an opposition bluff since Ghana is bigger than all the political parties, the national security apparatus could not have been served with a more valuable piece of intelligence from the main opposition party.

Desperation has set in and the former President thinks creating chaos in the country would inure to his interest regardless of the ramifications.

Selfishness is when one’s interest drives to do whatever it takes regardless of the negative fallouts of such actions. Whoever exudes such traits regardless of their status in society should be stopped forthwith because the interest of the nation supersedes that of every politician.

That the former President would continue to avoid the Airbus scandal and be open about what he knows about it and yet have time to lament the independent decision of the EC to replace the election management system in the country for genuine reasons is sufficient evidence of his misplaced priorities.

The former President’s unceasing lamentation over the now dying old voters’ register and on the verge of being replaced underscores the salvation he finds in it. Unfortunately, time has run out for it and no matter the threats he spews a new voters’ register is coming — an enhanced state-of-the-art IT.

The state security apparatuses exist to maintain law and order something which cannot be compromised under any circumstances.

The former President should not attempt anything untoward because the peace of the nation would be ensured by those remunerated to do so come what may.