Trainee Nurses Jubilate Over AllowaPayment, Commend Bawumia’s Timely Intervention


In an outpouring of jubilation and appreciation, trainee nurses across Ghana are celebrating the long-awaited fulfillment of their allowances, endorsing Vice President Dr. Bawumia for his instrumental role in ensuring the prompt disbursement of their financial support packages.

The Ghana National Association of Concerned Nursing Trainees (GNACNT) resounded in hearty commendations towards Dr. Bawumia for orchestrating the timely payment of their stipends, acknowledging the significant relief it has garnered amidst financial constraints plaguing their academic pursuits.

Expressing gratitude and admiration in a formal missive dated May 23, 2024, the GNACNT lavished praises on Dr. Bawumia, lauding his resolute commitment to safeguarding the welfare of nursing trainees and facilitating the seamless allocation of deserved allowances.

“We extend our special thanks to Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia for his unwavering dedication to ensuring that trainees receive their due allowance,” the association articulated, highlighting Bawumia’s enduring leadership and proactive strides in propelling the developmental aspirations of aspiring healthcare professionals.

The euphoria sweeping through the nursing trainee community reverberates against the backdrop of past assurances portended by Dr. Bawumia, who, during a recent sojourn in the Bono Region, pledged the expeditious release of GH¢177 million to settle outstanding allowances earmarked for nursing trainees nationwide by May 16, 2024.

The tangible manifestation of this resolve materialized this week as trainees commenced receiving their long-awaited allowances encapsulating the veracity of the government’s commitments and galvanizing sentiments of trust and appreciation towards Dr. Bawumia’s stewardship.

Dr. Bawumia had promised that the government will by Thursday, May 16, 2024, release an amount of GH¢177 million to the Ministry of Health to clear arrears owed nursing trainees in the country whiles he was on a tour of the Bono Region earlier this month.

By Vincent Kubi