Tyranny Of The Minority


Let us get on with this God-sent intervention to check the anomaly of unqualified persons coming to decide who governs this country. The avoidable and cacophony about election period abuse of our electoral laws by foreigners from neighbouring countries will soon be a thing of the past courtesy of a Ghana Card which provides us with this one-stop intervention.

Let us not allow another election petition to mar our democracy and even threaten national security. We saw what happened during the last election petition hearing and even the one before it. There is no gainsaying that one of the challenges we encounter when the time is due to vote is about Togolese, Beninoise, Burkinabes and even Nigerians coming in to vote in our elections. Although this fact is known to many of us, especially those on the other side of the political aisle, these same persons out of hypocrisy are seeking to punch impossible holes into the use of the Ghana Card as the sole citizenship verification document during registration.

They have made adequate preparation to abuse the system, hence their insistence that the guarantor system be allowed to operate side by side with the Ghana Card. For a party that has always opposed innovations or if you like, improvement in electoral management, the NDC has now developed a well-known penchant for wanting antiquated status quos to stand. This inures to their electoral thievery which they have mastered over the years.

Conditions are not static. They evolve positively with the elapsing of days, weeks, months and years. As we mentioned in a previous commentary that many hardly remember how opaque elections were before now.

The Minority in Parliament with the tacit acquiescence of the Speaker should not hold us back in our obsession to better our electoral processes. Faulty or warped elections are so costly that we cannot afford to traverse that tangent knowing full well the fallouts.

The Minority in Parliament who have made it a point to stand in the way of any progressive move that would ensure clean and fair elections should understand that this country belongs to us all and any attempt at derailing actions – thieveries which have inured to their interest over the years would be resisted.

The chapter of NDC violence and bullying tactics has long been closed. Introducing same subtly in Parliament by resisting the laying of the Constitutional Instrument (CI) on the use of the Ghana Card as the sole document of citizenship authentication would not fly.

The Majority too should flex their muscles so that the national interest will be upheld. As for the NDC, their notoriety in resisting everything good in this country is etched in history. From the National Health Insurance Scheme to the Ghana Card, their ‘we no go gree’ spirit has not been lost on Ghanaians.