United ShowBiz: Entertainment Or Political Show?


PARENTS SHOULD not wait until their children’s behaviour become unacceptable before they commence training — which would then actually be discipline. Training is not discipline. Discipline is the “damage control” part of training, but is insufficient in itself to effect proper behaviour. Training is the conditioning of the child’s mind before the crisis arises. It is preparation for future, instant, unquestioning obedience. An athlete trains before he competes. Animals, including wild ones, are conditioned to respond to the trainer’s voice command.”

The above quote contains the words of Michael Pearl from his book, “To Train Up a Child: Turning the hearts of the fathers to the children.” There is an updated version authored by Michael and Debbi Pearl titled, “To Train Up a Child: Child Training For The 21st Century.

I will recommend these two books to the host, producers and regular panelists (minus Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo) of the so-called entertainment show dubbed “United ShowBiz”. At least, the books will help them do a better job at raising children than their parents did. For it is more than obvious that their parents did​ a poor job at raising them.

It may sound insulting, but the truth is sometimes very bitter. Take the bloke who calls himself BullDog, for instance. He uses the little opportunity he gets on the programme to lampoon the personality of President Nana Dee as the host looks on sheepishly. It has emboldened him to continue his scathing attacks on the President. The words he used on President Nana Dee last Saturday cannot be repeated here.

Baba Sadiq was even worse. It was quite clear that his mission last Saturday was to ridicule the President and make it look as if he was a ‘senile old man’. As I watched him gleefully mock President Nana Dee, I wondered if he had anyone in his family, from his ancestors to date, who had achieved a fraction of what the ‘old man’ had achieved in life.

Do I blame the likes of BullDog and Baba Sadiq? No, I don’t. I rather blame the producers (whoever they are) and the host, Nana Ama McBrown. If UTV wants the world to believe in their professionalism, then both the producers and the host need to be schooled on how to control errant panelists on the programme. They cannot sit on the fence as their panelists defame others in the name of punditry and then later come out with a lame apology.​ No sane person would believe their hypocritical apology (Chairman Wontumi’s defamation suit on my mind).

Sadly, we keep watching and even promoting the programme with our commentary. This write-up, for instance, may give them some mileage. But I’m consoled by the fact that anyone who would read this piece would at least have a background knowledge about the type of upbringing the host, producers and panelists may have had.

I wouldn’t have gone on this tangent if the programme had been a political one. I’m livid because they cannot claim to be producing an entertainment programme, yet turn it into an extension of Zu-za’s propaganda outfit. Those of us from the other political divide will respond in kind.

I challenge UTV to eschew the hypocrisy and make the show a political one because that is what it is. Even if our side of the political divide is not represented on the show, we still have the opportunity through mainstream and social media to direct our political salvos against the so-called pundits.

I’m not in the least saying the President is beyond criticism. They may criticise or disagree with the President or any of his appointees. But it is wrong to insult or show disrespect to the First Gentleman of the land. It is sad to witness such a spectacle. It is​ even sadder to see those lampooning the President and his government being received with open arms by government officials, while the party foot soldier is treated with scorn and disdain by this same government officials.

Did I see you shake your head? Don’t shake your head because you and I know the truth. If A-Plus, whose stock in trade is insulting Osono government officials, and a foot soldier visits the office of a minister, we all know the former will be received with open arms while the latter will be lucky to even talk to the minister’s secretary.

Even dyed-in-the-wool Osono guy, yours truly​ inclusive, have been victims before. It is such actions that demoralise the party’s base and may lead to apathy in 2024. Let those who have ears, hear me loud and clear.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!