Vodafone Ends 10th Dream Car Promo

Renay Tutu (left) receiving his car key from David Umoh


Vodafone Ghana’s Dream Car Promo, a six-month-long SMS-based trivia challenge, has concluded its 10th cycle, rewarding the champion, Renay Tutu, with a brand-new Suzuki Swift.

This promotion, which has become a highlight for Vodafone Ghana customers, also saw six participants walking away with the coveted iPhone 14.

Throughout the promotion, subscribers engaged in an interactive game of wits, answering daily questions to accumulate points and ascend the leader board. With high stakes, including a monthly prize of an iPhone 14 and the grand prize of a Suzuki Swift, the competition fostered a spirited engagement among participants.

Renay Tutu, sharing his excitement said, “I have been playing the game for three years, and I was winning mobile phones instead. I haven’t won a car before until now and I am so happy that I won the Vodafone Ghana Dream Car Promo, I don’t even know what to do again!”

Director of the Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone Ghana, David Umoh, emphasised the importance of such promotions in strengthening customer relationships. “Our commitment through the Dream Car Promo is to offer unique and enriching experiences, and it is rewarding to see customers like Renay Tutu embrace and succeed in these initiatives,” he stated.

The Dream Car Promo is part of a broader initiative by Vodafone Ghana to engage and reward its customers, offering a car every six months alongside monthly prizes.

The tenth cycle of the promotion, which began in May 2023, was open to all Vodafone Ghana customers. The eleventh cycle is already underway.

By Samuel Boadi