Vodafone Foundation Advances Digital Inclusion

Ms Preba Greenstreet cutting the tape to officially open the center


The Vodafone Ghana Foundation has unveiled nine Information and Communication Technology (ICT) centres in regional libraries across Ghana.

The initiative, a collaboration with the Ghana Library Authority, is designed to provide digital resources to communities, with an additional seven centres currently under development.

The centres are part of the Foundation’s broader commitment to transforming communities through impactful technological programmes.

They are expected to enhance digital learning for library users across the country, equipping the youth and members of the community with the necessary digital tools and skills to navigate a rapidly advancing technological world.

In an inaugural event in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, the Foundation handed over one of the ICT Centres to the Ashanti Regional Library.

Director of Legal and External Affairs at Vodafone, Preba Greenstreet, said, “This facility represents a tangible investment in education and technology for the community.

It is an essential resource that will empower individuals with the digital skills and knowledge needed in today’s globalised world. We encourage everyone to use this centre to its full potential.”

The Foundation’s efforts have been bolstered by the unwavering support and collaboration of the Ghana Library Authority. The ICT centres, strategically located within regional libraries, are set to serve as transformative hubs for learning, innovation, and creativity.

The inauguration was part of Vodafone Ghana’s Ashanti Month initiative.

The month-long celebration includes Healthfest, a free health screening initiative, Homecoming, an initiative to settle bills for insolvent hospital patients, and free ultrasound for pregnant women in Pipie in the Bosomtwe district.

The Foundation, along with its partners, continues to roll out ICT Centres through both partnerships and staff-led initiatives, aiming to create a more inclusive and connected society.


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