We Too Can Fly!

President Nana Akufo-Addo

The silver lining in the horizon is visible and as bright as neon lights. Three years into the tenure of President Akufo-Addo, the many trips he has undertaken abroad, call them diplomatic onslaughts, have spawned dividends which cannot be ignored. Only members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) can scoff at the achievements even though amongst themselves they can only wonder at how the President was able to make such strides within three years of his first term.

What awaits the country as the President cruises to another term with the unquestionable nod of his compatriots can only be conjectured.

Deals in the Emirates and elsewhere are making it clear that Ghana is on the verge of a major industrial takeoff after a long period of stagnation under a visionless administration.

The prospects of the national colours embossed aircraft taking to the air again after a business suicide are beginning to dawn upon us strongly and the feeling is ecstatic.

Thanks to a President who wants the country to recover from a long period of economic and governance ailment.

Adding these inroads to the earlier deal with one of Africa’s most successful airlines Ethiopian Airline should make us hopeful that very soon our grounded airline, Ghana Airways, or whatever name it is going to wear, would be airborne but with a business mindset.

We cannot wait for the arrival of the new aircraft from the Boeings and others. Ghana, of course, deserves a national airline. It adds to our national ego.

We are hopeful that all would be put in place to ensure that things are not done the way they were done which led to the demise of Ghana Airways.

We too can fly as high as the Ethiopian and Kenyan Airlines when we show nationalistic and business commitment as these countries have done and continue to do.

The bauxite for funds for major infrastructural development barter arrangement has also finally left the drawing board and the domain of NDC propaganda.

The blessings are pouring like gentle rain from the sky, the outcome of a leadership seeking results and not cacophonous media presence which is anything but the true reflection of the realities on the ground. Where are the numerous roads we were told about?  

We have learnt about how in the next few days game-changing projects will take off as the Vice-President cuts sods for their constructions.  

All manner of propaganda or lies were unleashed from the NDC arsenal of toxicity but to no avail.

That Ghanaians in the name of opposition politics will behave the way the NDC did in the heady days of their ‘stop the Sinohydro funds from coming’ project only adds to the deviousness on the ledger of the arguably the worst minority party Ghana has ever had.

That they even sought the intervention of the IMF to stop the Sinohydro deal showed how far they were ready to go to hinder the Akufo-Addo government from making progress.

Many factors account for the President’s progress one of which is his focus on what lies ahead of him regardless of the stone-throwing activities of the opposition.