We Won’t Be Fooled (2)


The people of Ghana would be called upon on December 7, 2024, to make a very informed decision that would have far reaching implications for national development.

We are always told to be guided by the fact that the choices we make today and, especially on December 7, have very dire consequences for the future. That is why we have made it a crusade and in fact a mission to alert us about the plans by John Mahama to lead Ghana again.

He is all over the place promising us the ‘Promised Land’ when during his previous leadership of the country; his policies imposed untold hardships on all the people.

The flagbearer of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama never stops to make fun of leadership, especially when he keeps telling the people to expect a new direction if voted back into power.

At the weekend, John Mahama met fishers in Tema New Town, he promised them the return of the glorious days of fishing, apparently suffering from short memories as in 2016 under his watch the country imported fish worth over $135 million dollars.

At the same function, he is on record to have promised to recruit the youth to clean our beaches to stop the phenomenon of plastic waste in the sea. But the question is when he was President from 2012 to 2016, how did he manage our beaches at that time?

John Mahama claims to be a more experienced candidate who would not repeat the mistakes of the past but Ghanaians are scared of his presidential stewardship of over four years of dumsor, cancellation of teachers and nurses trainee allowances, taxes on sanitary pads, the graduate unemployment, payment of only three months salaries to teachers who have worked for more than three years, planting of trees in the dry season, Guinea fowls flying to Burkina Faso, airbus scandal pointing to Ghana’s ‘Official One’ and the use of more than three million cedis to brand state buses to promote him during the 2016 electioneering.

Casting of the ballot to elect our leaders is no longer just a token in the democratic process. It has serious implications for a better future or the lack of it. As a country we are moving forward and for which reason, the NDC and its flagbearer, John Mahama cannot be the viable alternative.