Wendy Shay Still With RuffTown – Manager

Bullet and Wendy Shay


Ricky Nana Agyemang, otherwise known as Bullet, has confirmed that Wendy Shay remains signed to RuffTown Records.

Bullet, who is Wendy Shay’s manager and also the CEO of RuffTown Records, addressed the rumours during a chat with GhanaWeb at the TGMAs on June 1.

The speculation about Wendy Shay’s departure began in May 2024 when she announced that her new music video ‘Who Cares’ would premiere on her personal YouTube channel. Additionally, she removed all RuffTown Records-related content from her social media accounts, further fueling the rumours.

Despite acknowledging that her contract with RuffTown is nearing its end and that she has received an offer from an American label, Wendy Shay has not confirmed her exit from the label.

Bullet clarified that while there was a dispute, it was close to resolution. He stated, “We had a problem, but we are solving it, or we have solved it, or something. Wendy is not off RuffTown Records. I have never said anywhere that Wendy is off RuffTown Records. So, yeah, of course, you will hear something.”

Reiterating the stability of their professional relationship, Bullet assured fans and industry watchers, “Nothing is going on, we are alright.” He emphasised that Wendy Shay has not left RuffTown Records and that their working relationship remains intact.