West Africa Music & Arts Festival Announces Major Partnerships

Jasmine Spio


The West Africa Music & Arts Festival (WAMAFest) is thrilled to announce key partnerships for its inaugural event, taking place from June 19th to 22nd, 2024 in Accra, Ghana. These partnerships with CEEK VR, Warner Music Africa, and OKAY Africa will significantly enhance the festival’s global reach, accessibility, and impact.

CEEK VR joins as the official streaming partner, bringing immersive virtual reality experiences to audiences worldwide. This groundbreaking collaboration will allow people to experience the festival virtually, setting a new standard for music and arts events.

Warner Music Africa becomes the official record label partner, bringing its expertise and resources to elevate the profiles of participating artists. This partnership will ensure their music reaches a wider audience, solidifying WAMAFest’s commitment to showcasing West African music on a global stage.

OKAY Africa joins as the official media partner, utilizing its strong connection with the African diaspora to amplify the festival’s global presence.

Their storytelling and digital media expertise will ensure the festival’s events, performances, and behind-the-scenes moments reach a wider audience, further promoting the richness of West African culture.

Jasmine Spio, CEO of CEEK VR, highlighted the potential of their Web3 technology to democratize earning opportunities for artists and musicians globally.

Professor Jasmine Young, co-founder of WAMAFest, expressed her excitement about the event’s impact on the entertainment industry and the power of collaboration in achieving success and innovation.

The inaugural WAMAFest will be an inclusive celebration of West African music and arts, bringing together music executives, artists, and fans in a groundbreaking virtual gathering. The festival aims to set a new benchmark for cultural events, ensuring a lasting legacy for the rich heritage of West African culture.