Wizkid Splashes Millions On Rolex Watches

Nigerian music icon, Wizkid, has reportedly showcased his generosity and appreciation to his team in a grand style.

The acclaimed singer, known for his chart-topping hits and global influence, spares no expense to lavish his loyal associates with luxury Rolex wristwatches worth millions of Nigerian naira.
In a viral video circulating online, the hands of an individual can be seen unboxing several exquisite Rolex timepieces, showcasing the opulence of the gesture.

Although Wizkid’s face was not revealed in the clip, the caption accompanying the video left no doubt that the lavish gifts were courtesy of the music sensation himself.

Amid the excitement, Wizkid’s staff could be heard showering him with praise, hailing him as the “one and only, the biggest musician in Nigeria.”

The sheer joy and gratitude of his team members were palpable as they eagerly tried on the limited-edition watches, undoubtedly appreciating the tangible expression of their leader’s recognition and appreciation.