Woman Pours Soup On Police Commander

The Senior Police Officer in his palm soup drenched uniform

An angry woman has poured palm soup on a police commander, a Superintendent of Police in a town called Assin Dansame in the Assin Praso district of the Central Region.

The senior Police Officer, a District Officer, led a team of cops to go and open a water system the townsfolk had locked up in protest over a government takeover of private water ventures.

There had been a disagreement over the new arrangement by which water projects in the Assin communities will no longer be in private hands something which existed in the area until recently.

Through dialogue however cool heads prevailed and the facilities were handed over to the government.

 According to what Daily Guide learnt some townsfolk disagreed with the arrangement and locked up the facility.

 The situation deprived the people of water for the whole day but when word reached the Assin Praso Police the commander led a team of cops to go and open the locked premises of the water works and to ensure the restoration of supply. Some suspects involved in the disruption of the water were arrested but just as the police vehicle which was used for the operation was about to leave the scene a woman whose house was close to the parked car poured palm soup over the Superintendent.