Xandy Kamel Marriage Breaks Down

Actress & Angel TV presenter, Xandy Kamel and her husband Kaninja have reportedly separated over widespread cheating allegations.

The one-time lovebirds got married in May 2020 and showed off their beautiful wedding photos on social media at the time.

But latest reports say all is not well now as they are heading for divorce.

In a viral social media video on Saturday, Xandy said she is back on the singles market alleging she is no longer with the sports presenter because he is being cheating on her.

He was accused of having an affair with his ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be her former best friend.

“You claim my husband has come to you to beg you to date him again, and you claim that it is karma that has led you to snatch my husband. That is no problem.

“You claim again that I Xandy snatched my husband from you. I want you to be factual with your claims. Do your possible best to give the right information. I knew you, and I was very close to you. We used to be play buddies. We were like groundnut and banana. We were like five and six but then you started giving me attitude all of a sudden,” she indicated.

She added that she has been traumatized as a result of her husband’s infidelity. According to the daughter of former Volta regional minister, Ford Kamel, she won’t hesitate to curse anyone who will make negative comments about her without knowing the intricacies of her issues.

“I’m single so anyone who wants me can come for me. If you are responsible, you can take me like that. They said I’m not good, I want someone who knows that I’m not good and he will accept me like that,” she added.

Also on Saturday, a previous video of her warning married women in an interview to take good care of their husbands else she doesn’t mind being their side chic went viral on social media to remind her of her stand on extramarital affairs.