Yilo Krobo MCE Extols ECG for Swift Restoration of Power After Rainstorm Devastation


The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly, Mr. Eric Tetteh, has shown appreciation towards the dedicated staff of the Krobo District of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) for their prompt response in restoring power supply following a rainstorm that hit the Yilo Krobo Area on the evening of Thursday, May 16, 2024.

Mr. Tetteh expressed his gratitude on a stakeholders WhatsApp platform, which comprises assembly members, community opinion leaders, journalists, and heads of critical institutions, along with officials from ECG in the Krobo District and Tema Region. This platform serves as a medium for stakeholders and the power distributor to share updates on electricity supply, outage challenges, and related issues.

In the aftermath of the Thursday evening storm, several customers within the jurisdiction experienced power outages due to fallen cables in Kpogunor and Somanya. Stakeholders swiftly communicated these issues on the platform, prompting the fault and maintenance team of the Krobo District ECG to quickly address the anomalies and restore power to affected customers.

Having observed the tireless efforts of the fault team on Friday, the MCE took to the WhatsApp platform on Saturday, 18th May 2024, to commend the team for their hard work. He acknowledged the challenging circumstances, stating, “It was yesterday I appreciated the work of ECG in earnest. The tragedy at my stretch was devastating. ECG boss and your team ayekoo. But force for us to get light today.”

While the restoration efforts following the storm-induced damages at the MCE’s location might require additional time, the ECG Krobo District Manager, Ing. Christopher Apawu, assured stakeholders the previous night that service would be fully restored by the end of Saturday, 18th May 2024. The district team is diligently working to rectify all damages and aims to have all customers back on supply by the close of the day.

The ECG advises the public to prioritize safety during storms as incidents of ripped roofs, uprooted trees, fallen billboards, and poles have been increasingly reported. Individuals are urged to steer clear of broken cables at all times, immediately report any issues to the power distributor for resolution, and mitigate potential electricity-related risks.

As the community endeavors to recover from the storm’s impact, the collaborative efforts between the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly and ECG highlight the importance of swift response and cooperation in addressing challenges and ensuring uninterrupted power supply for residents.

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