Zynnell Zuh Honoured With Green October Award

Zynnell Zuh displaying her award

Actress Zynnell Zuh has received a special recognition award for her fashion and style.

This was at the 2019 Green October Award, organised by La Mode Magazine under the theme: ‘Disability Inclusion on Nigeria Independence Day October 1 At The Oriental Hotel In Lagos, Nigeria’.

“I feel great and it’s also a motivation for me to keep pushing the boundaries of entertainment here in Ghana in the rest of the world,” Zynnell Zuh told NEWS-ONE on Tuesday about winning the award.

The ‘Green October Event’ is the fifth of its kind and is an initiative of La Mode Magazine and La Mode Disability Foundation. It is an annual event to create awareness, celebrate, appreciate and support persons living with disabilities. The initiative is an advocacy awareness platform where persons with disability are given a voice. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons Living with Disabilities emphasizes the right to life, equality, and non-discrimination of persons living with disabilities. The 2015 edition was focused on down syndrome, 2016 on autism, 2017 on cerebral palsy and 2018 edition was tagged ‘Beyond Disabilities’.

The 2019 edition is tagged ‘Disability Inclusion’, making sure everybody has the same opportunities to participate in every aspect of life.

The event is an avenue where philanthropic and humanitarian gestures are given an annual prestigious award. These are people who have contributed significantly to humanity in their various fields of endeavours without prejudice on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion or ethnicity.

It is also a platform to showcase African fashion and designs.

At the event, fashion awards are also given to other deserving Nigerians. The event promotes made-in-Nigeria fashion through the fashion show and exhibition.

Zynnell is the only Ghanaian to have been honoured on the platform that night.

“We are highly impressed with your contribution in fashion and style, hence the special recognition,” organisers said in a statement.

By Francis Addo