15 NDC Boys Arrested Over Arise Ghana Demo Bloody Clash

At least 15 supporters of the opposition National Democratic Congress who joined the “Arise Ghana Demo” at Obra Spot have been arrested by the Police and are currently detention.

The arrest came after the clashes between the Police and the protesters over unapproved routes the demonstrators were forced to use and present a petition to the Presidency which quickly turned violent with several people sustaining injuries in the process when the protesters started pelting stones at the officers.

As a result, the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange road has been closed, with no movement from either vehicles or pedestrians as the Police have called for reinforcements to deal with the situation.

The Police personnel fired tear gas at the agitated protesters during the demonstration when they were pelting stones at the police.

Earlier in the day, there was a standoff between the police and protesters over the approved route for the protest.

The organizers of the protest resolved to occupy the precincts of the Kwame Nkrumah Circle fountain over the disagreements with the Police.

The police had been insisting on enforcing the orders of the court for the protesters to move through Farisco through TUC to Independence Square.

But the demonstrators had wanted to march towards the Ako Adjei Interchange and stop at the Jubilee House.

In the process to force their way through, the police formed a large human barricade under the Interchange which the protesters resisted and pelted stones at them.

To maintain law and order, the Police showered them with hot water and tear gas to disperse the agitated crowd descending on them with stones and sharp objects.

As a result of that, some of the police officers were injured as well as some of the demonstrators who reportedly collapsed at the scene.

The protesters managed to damage some of the vehicles brought to the scene by the Police.

The demonstration was attended by the leaders of the opposition National Democratic Congress led by the party Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo and the General Secretary, Johnson Aseidu Nketia among others.

The Police have since tweeted that they were rather attacked by the protesters describing the action as shameful and unfortunate.

– BY Daniel Bampoe