19,764 Recruited In 4 Security Agencies

Ambrose Dery


Minister of Interior, Ambrose Dery, has disclosed that a total of 19,764 people have been recruited into the four main security agencies, namely the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Immigration Service and the Ghana National Fire Service.

He stated that the Ghana Police Service hired 7,500 people, the Ghana National Fire Service hired 4,500 people, the Ghana Prisons Service hired 3,000 people, and the Ghana Immigration Service hired 4,764 people.

The minister was responding to questions from the MP for Gomoa East, Desmond De-Graft Paitoo, on the floor of Parliament yesterday.

“Mr. Speaker, available records indicate that a total number of 386, 424 applicants applied for recruitments to join the four main security agencies (Ghana Police Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana Immigration Service and the Ghana National Fire Service) using the online portal,” he revealed.

According to him, 120,740 people applied to join the Ghana Police Service, 69,160 to Ghana National Fire Service, 55,538 to Ghana Prisons Service, and 140,986 to Ghana Immigration Service.

Meanwhile, the Interior Minister has asserted that the massive deployment of police personnel on the streets in all communities across the country on visibility duties has been very effective.

“This assertion is backed by data on violent crimes in the country and testimonies of members of various communities across the country,” he noted.

Mr. Dery said there was clear indication of satisfactory steady decline in violent crime cases from 2021 through 2022 to date.

“It is evident that the community engagement efforts by police officers in our communities and the increasingly positive police-public collaboration are paying off,” he stressed.

On civilian’s possession of firearms, the minister explained that Section 61 of the Arms and Ammunition Regulation, 1962, Legislative Instrument (L.I) 200 provides the qualification for a person to possess a firearm.

He quoted the legislation as saying, “Any Ghanaian who is eighteen (18) years and above; must be of a good character and repute; not suffering from any physical or mental infirmity; require the firearm solely for hunting, self-protection or for the protection of valuable property; and may reasonably be expected to keep the firearm in a secured place.”

Mr. Dery said training is not part of the requirements qualifying the civilian population to possess a firearm.

That notwithstanding, he pointed out that the Ghana Police Service, within its mandate to regulate all civil categories of firearms in the country, ensures that all applicants apply to the nearest police station, with reasons why they require a firearm.

“Applicants are interviewed and made to complete an application form which gives more detailed information about the applicant,” he noted.

He added, “Thorough background checks are conducted by the Criminal Data Service Bureau (CDSB) and the Intelligence Unit (1U) of the CID Headquarters to ensure among others that the applicant is physically fit, of a sound mind and has a secure place to keep the firearms.”

The minister said the Ghana Police Service is currently accessing the possibility of establishing a modern shooting range for use by qualified persons in need of training.

By Ernest Kofi Adu, Parliament House