A Plus Dismisses Wendy Shay’s Claims Of Spiritual Attack Accident

A Plus


Showbiz personality, A Plus is casting doubts about musician Wendy Shay’s recent claims that her car accident was spiritually orchestrated.

In an interview with Hitz FM, Wendy Shay declared, “Those who wanted to kill me, they know themselves, and they’re trying to put it on Bullet. It wasn’t Bullet. It wasn’t a normal attack. What I can say is that they know themselves, but I am not going to mention their names. But they can never kill me.”

Kwame A Plus, however, offered a different perspective on UTV’s United Showbiz. He expressed skepticism regarding Wendy Shay’s claims and suggested that the entire incident might be a publicity stunt.

“We cannot say it is spiritual. It is all for the hype. First, Bullet said he would be flying her to Germany for treatment. Now they are saying that it is spiritual. They know what they are doing. It’s called a stunt, and they are doing it well,” A Plus asserted.

A Plus also took the opportunity to commend Wendy Shay and her manager, Bullet, for their adeptness in generating discussions and maintaining the musician’s presence in the spotlight following the accident.