Accra Hub, Fainajs sign MoU

The Accra Hub and Fainajs Express Limited have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote entrepreneurial development in Ghana.

Fainajs is a growing trade facilitation and international business development firm that seeks to enhance access to hassle-free intra-African trade, international business setup, growth and development for current and aspiring African entrepreneurs.

The Accra Hub on the other hand is a community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and industry experts that leverages on its rich network to share resources in a manner that enables its members to build globally competitive and sustainable brands.

The Accra Hub provides co-working spaces, business advisory and support services and entrepreneurial capacity programs for its members.

The Director of Strategy and Partnership, Fadila Ahmed Abdulrazaq, indicated that “This is in line with our goal of adding value to African entrepreneurs and start-ups and the start-up ecosystem”.

CEO of The Accra Hub, Terry Mante also noted that “The synergy between the two organizations will generate several economic empowerment opportunities that will lead to the creation of jobs and wealth in Ghana”.

Through the partnership, start-ups and other growth stage businesses will benefit from a range of business support and advisory services such as, financial management, taxation and regulatory compliance, business strategy consortium, revenue re-engineering and diversification, access to workspaces, networking opportunities and training.

By Sharon Brown-Acquah