Afia Schwarzenegger Traps Nana Tonardo?

Afia Schwarzenegger

The latest information making the rounds on social media suggests that socialite Nana Tonardo may have been tricked into allegedly misinforming the public about Afia Schwarzenegger.

Nana Tonardo has been championing a social media campaign against Afia that she is indeed married but as a second wife to a chief.

According to him, Afia blackmailed her way into the marriage. But Afia has denied the marriage claim.

Current screenshots of a conversation between Tonardo and someone who is allegedly close to Afia lead to the fact that Tonardo was tricked by the Afia camp.

Afia has since been sharing the screenshots on her Instagram to troll and expose Tonardo.

This is to suggest that, every piece of information, including the second wife allegations, was provided by Afia Schwarzenegger, in a bid to expose Tonardo.

Afia further alleged that a meeting was structured between Tonardo and a member of her team at the Marriot Hotel for more secrets.

However, the team deliberately refused to show up for the meeting just to teach him a lesson.