‘African Games 2023 Has Started’

LOC members and African Union Sport Council Executives in a pose after the press briefing

Director General of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Professor Twumasi, has stated that the forthcoming African Games has started.

His conviction stems from the arrival of African Union Sport Council Executives in the country for the orientation workshop for the 13th African Games in Accra yesterday.


The NSA boss, who stood in for the Youth and Sports Minister, Mustapha Yussif, pointed out that the expression of the 2023 vision was near taking into account the assembly of all stakeholders, saying, “Seeing you here today is a testament of commencement of the Games. In fact the Games has already started.


“Ghana is willing and able to organise the best ever Games, it is my hope that at end of the orientation, stakeholders would be equipped with what it takes to host a successful competition.”


In the Minister’s inaugural speech read by the NSA boss, he stated, “I would like to thank the African Union Commission for Sports (AUSC) for honouring Ghana with the responsibility to host and organise the 13th edition of the African Games in 2023. I wish to pledge the total support of the Government of Ghana and also, to assure the African Union, and indeed, all Africans that Ghana is ready to host and organise the best ever African Games come 2023.


“The organisation of this workshop is a means to bring the LOC up to speed with regards to the technicalities involved in the management and organisation of the African Games. It is my hope that at the end of this orientation workshop, both the TCAG and the LOC will be operating on the same page in the process towards organising a successful and memorable African Games in Ghana.”

He added, “The Government of Ghana recognises sports as an important tool to achieve development goals, notably the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and the Agenda 2063 of the African Union-The Africa we want. We want to use sports to accelerate the integration of the continent of Africa and to foster close networking relationship among the youth of Africa.

“We also believe that sports should be used to prevent crime, create jobs, empower women, enhance social inclusion, improve health and fitness, foster peace and unity, increase economic growth, prevent drug abuse and improve social cohesion and community identity among others.”

He stated that Ghana is ready to welcome Africa in 2023 COVID-19, notwithstanding its devastating effect in slowing down the process towards our preparation towards the 13th African Games, stating, “We are hopeful that very soon, the Host Nation Protocol Agreement will be signed and the construction and refurbishment of the required facilities will be ready in good time for the Games.”

Chairman of the Local Organising Committee (LOC), Kwaku Ofosu Asare, described the orientation course as capacity building and admonished members to have an open mind, and brace themselves up for knowledge to ensure a successful tournament.

He said, “We have been working behind the scenes for the Games. But for the relationship we have with the AU executives, they would not have come because we have not signed the Protocol Agreement which is key to the hosting of the Games.

“They have stated emphatically that the LOC must be autonomous and has given us time lines.”

The coordinator of AUSC, Decius Chipande from Cameroun stated, “Ghana should aim to deliver environmentally friendly Games with reduced carbon emission, preservation of the environment and limited litter. As such, Environmental Impact Assessment should be thoroughly conducted prior to construction of sports facilities.


“Ghana should endeavour to deliver Games in ways that are consistent with the ethos of the African Games. Alignment of the structure to the African Games guidelines will be fundamental. The African Union Sport Council through the TCAG stands ready to provide guidance in any areas that may sound ambiguous or complex to interpret.”