Afro-Piano Rave To Be Launched Soon


Coaches Group of Companies is set to launch the much awaited Afro music festival in Ghana dubbed “Afro-Piano Rave” concert to promote Ghanaian showbiz.

The Coaches Group of Companies aims to promote Ghanaian arts and culture space to a new outdoor festival with international standards.

In an Instagram post sighted by BEATWAVES, the group announced the introduction of the new festival, urging Ghanaians to be ready for the event this year.

The post reads, “Ghana should get ready for this event, it will be the next big thing in Ghana and beyond.  The new wave is here.”

The word “Afro-Piano” was derived from “Afrobeats” and “Amapiano”.

“Amapiano”, meaning “the pianos” in Zulu (South Africa), is a subgenre adapted from House music and has recently catapulted into the West, becoming one of the hottest music playing at all events around the globe.

Music festivals have become one of the most popular ways to consume live music and network with people across the world.

Ghana has unquestionably become one of the hottest and loving destinations to visit during holidays.

Series of music festivals held in Ghana last year has paved more ways for Ghana to gain both local and international recognition.

However, Afro-Piano Rave would be a festival with the infusion of art and fashion installations and not only music and dance.

Meanwhile, the date, venue and time are yet to be announced.