Alan’s Afrafranto Movement Cover Blown


The Social Democratic Forum, an affiliate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has uncovered what it alleges to be ties between the Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen Movement for Change and the main opposition party, NDC.

Expressing discontent with the NDC leadership’s reliance on Alan Kyerematen and his Afrafranto Movement to challenge the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), members of the Social Democratic Forum have raised concerns regarding the feasibility of this alliance.

In a letter addressed to NDC Presidential Candidate John Dramani Mahama and the party leadership, the Forum stressed the importance of redirecting focus towards empowering grassroots members. While recognizing Kyerematen’s influence in the Ashanti Region, the Forum cautioned against overestimating his impact and highlighted the need for broad-based grassroots support.

The Forum advocated for increased investment in grassroots empowerment, positing that bolstering grassroots initiatives could enhance the NDC’s prospects in the impending 2024 elections.
They emphasized the pivotal role of grassroots mobilization in laying a strong foundation for electoral success.

The Executive Secretary of the Social Democratic Forum, Mubashir Kuoru Tikumah, signed the letter, cautioning against the risks of overreliance on any individual or faction and encouraged prioritizing grassroots empowerment in the NDC’s strategic planning.

However, in response to these allegations, the Movement for Change issued a press release denying any collaborative links with the NDC.
The movement reiterated its stance as a distinct entity aiming to transcend the existing political duopoly of the NPP and NDC.

Asserting that both NPP and NDC do not align with the country’s interests, the Movement for Change emphasized its commitment to championing constitutional defense and economic prosperity for all Ghanaians. The movement called on citizens to vote for Alan Kyerematen in the 2024 Elections, advocating for a Government of National Unity under his leadership.

The Movement for Change, represented by spokesperson Duke Aaron Sasu Esq., remains resolute in its objective to engage all Ghanaians in a transformative journey and to establish a fresh path for the nation, beyond the NPP-NDC paradigm.

By Vincent Kubi