Another Epistle To President Nana Dee!

Greetings, Mr. President! Being an advocate of citizenship and not spectatorship, I’m sure you will not regard my letter as an intrusion into your mail box. I hope your beautiful wife, Rebecca and the rest of the family are hale and hearty.

It’s the beginning of an election year so I deem it opportune to communicate directly with you. Even a political novice could tell the upcoming December 7 political duel is a straight fight between the Great Elephant and the eagle-headed Umbrella. And what a fight it would be!

Mr. President, do I sense complacency from the camp of the Elephant? Yes, you have done better than your predecessor in many spheres of governance. I also agree that, unlike the Dead-Goat, you are incorruptible. But trust me when I say the electoral contest is not going to be a walk in the park.

“Four more to do more” sounds catchy, but be reminded that slogans do not win elections. Otherwise, the tongue-twisting “e dey be keke” would easily have won the 2016 polls for Mr Dead-Goat and his party. Indeed, slogans only make the campaign atmosphere livelier.

I’m personally impressed by the strides your government has made in the past 36 moons. Notable among the achievements is the introduction of the Free SHS policy. Aside saving parents a total of GH¢1.8 billion within the three years, 1.2 million students have so far also benefitted from the policy. I shudder to imagine how a chunk of that number would have been able to enroll and complete senior high school without the policy.

But the introduction of the double track system, as a result of high numbers, has received a lot of criticism. Mr Dead-Goat has even taken advantage of the criticism to say he would reverse the system to single track if voted back into power. He has however failed to tell us how he would be able to do that without denying some students the opportunity of enjoying secondary education.

It is the reason I’m excited to see the massive infrastructural development taking place at the various secondary school campuses. Do impress upon your hardworking Education Minister to ensure the contractors meet the due delivery dates, in order to make double track a thing of the past. When double track is finally eradicated, Mr. Dead-Goat should come back and tell us what he will review about the Free SHS policy.

Also, the restoration of allowances to trainee teachers and nurses is commendable. Not forgetting the 306 ambulances recently procured, ‘1V1D’ and the ‘1D1F’, which is gradually seeing some success stories. The Ekumfi fruit juice is now the favourite of my family. The Pokuase interchange, Tamale interchange and Danquah Circle interchange are also springing up nicely, thanks to your government.

Sir, many other positive things are happening under your reign as president. But believe me when I say those positives will not make you win the election. It is the number of scandals by your appointees that will make or break your government.

So your government must try to avoid attracting negative publicity in this election year. I’ve said this before and would repeat it here: The insensitive decision by the House of Honourables to build a bulletproof glass wall between the public gallery of the house and the sitting arena of Members of Parliament (MPs) should be shelved for good, to save your government any bad publicity. Similar insensitive projects must not be allowed to see the light of day, if you truly want to get another nod from the electorate.

Again, your appointees and party executives must watch their posture and utterances. I do remember clearly how the posture and utterances of the likes of Stan Dogbe and Dr. Omane Boamah attracted a lot of negative publicity for the Ogwanfunu government in 2016. Even without conducting any research, I can say for sure that such personalities contributed to the humiliating defeat you handed out to President Ogwanfunu.

Please do not be deceived by the devastating thrashing you dished out to President Ogwanfunu in 2016. Things have changed and you no longer have the momentum that propelled you to deliver the flurry of punches that sent him crushing to the ground. So you must be careful because you are dealing with a devious minded bunch who do not play by the rules. Also remember that a man walking on a hanging thin rope cannot afford to be careless.

I wish you well, Mr. President. I pray to the Bearded Old Man above to give you good health and wisdom because they are ingredients you need to succeed in the political ring.

I shall return for more konkonsa before the December 7 bout, Deo volente!