Beverly Afaglo Blasts Hospitals Over Celebrity Deaths

Beverly Afaglo


Actress, Beverly Afaglo Baah has called out some hospitals in Africa suggesting their negligence has caused several celebrity deaths.

In an Instagram post on Friday, she indicated that it is about time society started to discuss the incompetence of some of these hospitals.

Beverly was speaking in reaction to the recent death of her colleagues such as Ekow Blankson, Prince Yawson aka ‘Waakye’, and the most recent death of former Big Brother Naija star, Rico.

“The rate at which our celebrities are dying in hospitals is alarming. All these negligence and cruelty by our nurses must be discussed. All these can only happen in Africa where most of our health workers do not care about saving lives but just earning a living. Dear Hospital owner, when a celebrity dies in your hospital it’s not good for your brand, it makes your hospital inadequate and incompetent,” she wrote.

“These nurses are busy recording the celebrities for content and gossip and others are busy on their phones on social media, following trending news or talking and chatting with their boyfriends instead of saving lives. We have lost too many celebrities this year too sudden. How do u feel when that celebrity dies and u know u could hv saved him/her? U live and die with that guilt,” she added.

She went on to make some suggestions to her concerns. “I suggest our nurses drop their phones in lockers and on silent when they get to work and can only have them when they get a 30mins break during their shift.

“When videos of celebrities on hospital beds surface on the internet, every nurse in that ward must be arrested,

investigated and the culprit dismissed and his/her license revoked. It is sad and humiliating to see our celebrities in such state so stop it,” she indicated.