Boxer, Blackwell To Be Crowned Development Chief


Ghanaian boxer and entrepreneur Yahu Blackwell is set to be crowned as Osu Noryaa Mantse, the development chief at large, in Osu, Accra-Ghana in August 2023.

As part of his preparations for the coronation, Blackwell has acquired land in the Aburi mountains and is building a massive royal compound.

The compound will include a visitors lounge, living and dining areas, a modern kitchen, laundry and general storage facilities, six bedrooms with washrooms, a family area, gym, office, movie theatre, game room, barber and salon room, pool area with bar and kitchen as well as a basketball court, bowling alley, and prayer sanctuary.


The compound also features a 1-bedroom out-house, security post, and parking for 4-6 cars.

Blackwell has started networking on behalf of the Osu Monarchy with other entities outside of Osu that will have a great impact on the state and the people of Accra.

Blackwell, who is of the Ga-Dangbe bloodline and a descendant of Ayi Kushi, will be crowned by His Royal Majesty (HRM) Notse Nii Nortey Owuo IV of the Osu State.

Ayi Kushi was a king of the Gadangbe, the first known Gã Mantse of recorded history.