Brazil Ends ‘Coaches Dance’


Brazilian clubs have approved a historic proposal from the country’s Football Association that will limit them to make a coaching change throughout the campaign from next season.

Until now, there has been no limit when it comes to clubs hiring coaches. The new rule means that each club can only dismiss a manager once in a given season, while each coach can only step down once.

 If a coach leaves a second club before the end of the campaign, they can no longer manage in that competition until the following season.

In case a coach resigns, the club will be allowed to appoint a new coach.

Should a club sack a coach for the second time in one season, they can only appoint an employee of the club—someone who has been there at least six months to take charge.

The proposal had been presented in previous years but only now has it been given the green light with 11 votes in favour and nine against the notion.

Brazil football confederation (CBF) President Rogerio Caboclo has said the new rule will be “good for both clubs and coaches.”

“It will imply a more mature and professional relationship and allow for longer and more consistent work,” he said, adding, “It is the end of the coaches’ dance in Brazilian football.”

The CBF believes that coaches must be treated in the same manner as players.

The Brazilian Serie A begins on May 29 and ends on December 5.