Christabel Ekeh Finds Jesus?

Christabel Ekeh

Actress Christabel Ekeh seems to have finally moved on from her controversial past to become that shining example to young ones who may want to learn from her.

The beautiful actress, according to unconfirmed reports, has given her life to Jesus Christ and now exhibits strong Christian values than ever. 

The 28-year-old graduate of the University of Ghana ‘fell from grace’ in 2017 when her nude photographs popped up on most social media platforms and other online platforms.

She allegedly shared the nude photographs herself which raised a lot of questions about her mental health.

The actress was later quoted as saying that she has always harboured the thoughts of posing nude for the cameras. She, therefore, decided to take those photographs and share it in 2017. 

In 2018, similar nude photos of her and actor Samuel Bravo popped up again on social media.

But now, she appears to be a changed person from that controversial brand. 

There is a change in her dressing to events and also in photographs on her social media platforms.

The other interesting thing about her is that she has always been thankful to Jesus Christ on her Instagram, which somewhat confirm that she has, indeed, given her life to Christ.

Every post of hers commences with “Thank you Jesus” in addition to love and prayer emoji.

“Thank you Jesus. I am the resurrection, and the life…John 11:25 Happy Easter fam,” she said in her Easter post to her followers.

By Francis Addo