Christian Atsu Still Missing

Christian Atsu


The Location of Ghana International Player, Christian Atsu cannot be traced after 24 hours after he was allegedly pulled out of Turkey’s Earthquake debris.

Ghana’s Ambassador to Turkey, Francisca Ashitey-Odunton who revealed this said the Embassy has not been able to establish any contact with Atsu yet.

Atsu and the Sporting Director of Hatayaspor, Taner Savut, were the remaining members of the team that were missing since the disaster.

He was under the rubble for 26 hours before he was found by the rescue team.

Speaking on Asaase Radio, she said although Turkish officials assured her that he was rescued Tuesday but the confusion is the hospital he was sent to.

She explained that “Because of the activities and confusion around the area, what they have assured me is that he was pulled out of the rubble, and put in an ambulance”.

“Now the question is, which hospital has he been sent to?” she asked.

She added that the embassy is working together with the foreign ministry to know his whereabouts.

“We are working feverishly with the ministry of foreign affairs to find out which hospital he has been sent to so we can go and visit him.”

“People are being sent to various hospitals around the area, and they have sent me a list of over 200 people, stating where they are and I am going through the list to see if I can see Atsu.”

Meanwhile, Christian Astu’s agent has also reacted to the whereabouts of the player.

According to him, “No club official or hospital staff have been able to confirm his presence in any hospital in Hatya or a neighboring country, we are still searching for him, so are very concerned. It’s 24 hours since it was reported he’s alive, however, he has not been seen in any hospital”.

Nana Sechere disclosed that he has been in constant contact with all officials of Hatayaspor, and the information that reached him was that no official saw the player being rescued.

“I am in constant communication with all of the officials at Hatayaspor and none of them have any eyewitness account on Christian Atsu, ” he confirmed on Happy Sports.

“The main question is, how can we prove that he was rescued out of the rubble? The only eyewitness account which is 100% vivid is from the brother of a Director of one of the clubs who are adamant he saw Atsu being rescued. This is all of the information I have” he added.

He however stated that the search is still on in other neighboring hospitals for Atsu.

“We haven’t been able to locate Atsu in any of the Hospitals and we are currently looking at neighboring hospitals” he added.


-BY Daniel Bampoe