Clash At Manso Tontokrom: 3 Dead In Violent Altercation Between Residents And Security


A tragic clash between residents of Manso Tontokrom and private security personnel deployed to protect the concession of Asanko Gold Mines Limited has left three individuals dead, sparking outrage and deepening tensions in the area.

The violent altercation, which unfolded on a fateful Saturday, took a deadly turn when reports indicate that security personnel resorted to firing gunshots, resulting in the death of a resident caught in the crossfire.

In a retaliatory act, enraged locals then took justice into their own hands, leading to the lynching of two members of the private security team, with another individual left severely injured.

Community Tension and Employment Challenges

Manso Tontokrom, situated in the Amansie South District within the Ashanti Region, has long been grappling with underlying community challenges, including rampant unemployment among its vibrant youth population.

With an alarming 90 percent of young individuals engaged in illegal mining and other social vices due to lack of decent employment opportunities, the community has found itself at odds with Asanko Mines over accusations of trespassing on the company’s legitimate concessions.

History of Confrontations

Over the years, tensions between the residents and security forces deployed to curtail unauthorized mining activities have reached a boiling point, with claims of military brutality and intimidation hurled against officials tasked with enforcing mining regulations.

The underlying discontent came to a head on Friday, March 1, 2024, as locals took to the streets in a peaceful protest demanding the establishment of a Community Mining Scheme to address longstanding grievances and foster mutual understanding.

Tragic Escalation

Despite efforts to seek peaceful solutions, the confrontation on Saturday spiraled out of control, resulting in tragic fatalities that have profoundly shaken the community.

The bodies of the deceased have been swiftly handled by law enforcement and conveyed to the morgue for further examination as investigations into the incident unfold.

Official Confirmation

Municipal Chief Executive for Amansie South, Clement Opoku Gyamfi, has verified the tragic event, confirming the loss of lives in the violent clash between Manso Tontokrom residents and the Private Security operatives of Asanko Mines. The local authorities are now faced with the challenging task of restoring calm and ensuring that justice is served in the aftermath of the deadly altercation.

The volatile situation at Manso Tontokrom serves as a stark reminder of the underlying tensions and socio-economic issues that continue to plague communities, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive interventions to address root causes and prevent further tragedies from recurring.

By Vincent Kubi