Coronavirus Alert! Remove Street Child Beggars Now

Up-market areas and among educated Ghanaians, people are in general observing and obeying warnings and taking precautions to avoid spreading the Corona Virus. Some people are wearing face masks, gloves, keeping social distances etc. Supermarkets and pharmacies cope in one way or another and do generally well.

However in the low-end areas and our zongo’s life continues and like nobody don’t know what is going on. Schools are closed children and are enjoying the extra “holiday”. Others just don’t believe it, or that Corona virus is a punishment of god or simply don’t care. People at markets, clients and sellers alike hardly do anything to prevent the virus from spreading.

All first Corona Virus cases came from Ghanaians and foreigners who arrived from abroad.

They are individuals from middle and higher class of our society, and as stated they (mostly) obey the restrictions to reduce or avoid spreading, many have even preventive quarantined themselves and mostly live in areas where others follow the instructions.

However the virus started spreading among the ordinary and lower educated part of society.

These are the people who don’t obey he instructions and people who can’t afford or don’t want to change their lifestyle to prevent the virus from spreading. I foresee that these areas will be our largest problem in the weeks to come and where Ghana’s disaster will start.

Several days ago virologists noted that the virus can stay alive (and spread) on metal for more than 12 hours, the day before yesterday that was changed to 36 hours and today the estimate was; up to 48 hours.

Have you thought of your car giving you the coronavirus?

Street children beg at almost every traffic light in Accra these days and not only beg but almost always touch your cars whilst looking inside.

CAR OWNERS in Ghana can attract the Corona Virus just by opening and closing their car as soon as the virus hits the slums.

STREET CHILDREN; These children will pass the virus back into the “more privileged” in society no matter how many other precautions you take against spreading the virus.

The laws are there (although no police man/women ever enforced them before).

Children can legally be removed from their parents based upon the law.

Parents can be arrested based on several existing laws.

To our health services, government and police, protect us by removing them.

The Writer, Nico van Staalduinen, is a concerned Ghanaian