COVID-19 Is Not Over Yet-GHS Regional Director

Dr. Abdulai Abukari with stakeholders at the media engagement in Nalerigu

The North East Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, (GHS) Dr. Abdulai Abukari, has reemphasized the fact that COVID-19 Pandemic is not over yet noting that it is still a global threat although significant gains towards containing the situation have been achieved.

He cautioned residents in the North East region about the pandemic and passionately appealed to all community members who have not yet taken the vaccine to get vaccinated.

“Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic two years ago, the North East Region has recorded a total of 388 cases with 11 deaths. And so COVID-19 is right with us here in the North East Region. It is not gone and I would like to indicate that we currently have 4 active cases in the region. The vaccine is free and protective, let’s make it our civic duty and responsibility to get vaccinated as well as advocate for the vaccination of all our loved ones who are eligible. “

The North East Regional Health Directorate has targeted about 30,660 persons to undergo the 4th Round of COVID-19 National Vaccination Days campaign which started on June 24, 2022, and ended on June 28, 2022, in the North East region.

The targeted districts for the 4th round of COVID-19 are Bunkpurugu -Nakpanduri District -4,720, Chereponi District- 3,395, East Mamprusi Municipal- 7,975, Mamprugu-Moagduri District- 3,077, West Mamprusi Municipal -7,957 and Yunyoo-Nasuan District-3,555.

The North East Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Abdulai Abukari, at a media engagement in Nalerigu assured the public that the directorate has enough vaccines to cover the entire exercises in the region.

“We have over 36,122 doses of COVID-19 vaccines made up of Pfizer 20,952 and Jansen & Jansen 15,170 for this 4th Round of the campaign. We are therefore using this campaign period just as we did in the previous three rounds to attempt at vaccinating all eligible populations and they include persons yet to receive a first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, a person due for a second dose, or a person due for a booster.”

According to the GHS Director, they are employing several strategies for the vaccination exercise such as vigorous and enhanced outreach programs to get as many people as practicable vaccinated.

“So, we are using a wide range of communication and also enhancing our education activities at all fronts in every community in all the districts in the region. We are doing door-to-door at the community level, market, mosques, churches, bus terminals, and static vaccination centers at our various health facilities. So, it is a combination of the mobile and static mode of administration.”

Dr. Abukari called for the maximum support of all in the region to ensure that the exercise is successful as in the previous rounds.

FROM Eric Kombat, Nalerigu