Damn The IMF Naysayers


Under the prevailing world economic circumstances of which we are a part, there is good reason to pop champagne over the International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout which has eventually come.

The naysayers think otherwise because they would have rather the story was different, not this glossy.

The naysayers are disappointed and even frustrated that we have cause to say ‘eureka’. They continue to tendentiously live in denial of the effects of the post-COVID 19 economic fallouts because it fits their bill of political mischief.

The way some opposition elements carry politics makes us wonder whether such persons harbour any iota of patriotism at all in their DNA. They have lost it and should not come near the political leadership of this country.

The qualification for consideration for a bailout is good governance and good economic management, which government exuded palpably.

We recall one of the many unfortunate remarks of the then President John Mahama when he complained about a government which was so broke it had no longer flesh over the bones. What went wrong then? Sheer poor governance was the cause and not an extension of an occurrence such a pandemic or a war with global repercussions as is the case today.

The occasioning factors for the case today are clearly what have been already spelt out plus the Russian/Ukrainian war.

When after WWII a depression hit the world, a Marshal Plan was launched to ameliorate a bad situation.

The IMF was set up to address the economic challenges of individual countries, and so if we have resorted to the institution to assist us address a situation, so be it, we dare tell the mischievous good-for-nothing naysayers.

Things could have been worse but for the achievements chalked when things were smooth sailing.

Let them continue to bask in political foolishness to the extent of wishing for their country bad times. Unfortunately, they cannot dictate the destiny of a country.

We have made it and the confidence the economy has regained within this brief period since the approval for the bailout can only be conjectured.

We are on the verge of bouncing back as an economy with a promise.

When the Vice President presented the Gold-for-Oil programme and they out of economic naivety did not appreciate the wisdom preferred to spite it with oral venom as they always with everything good.  Today, the dividends are noticeable.

When they castigate government for going to the IMF for a bailout they do so with an agenda to draw the country back.

Even as they wear their countenance of disappointment and frustration that their wish has not come to pass, we shall continue to pop champagne and look forward to a better Ghana full of promise. They may consider burning the sea if they so wish.