Disabled Boy Risk Dropping Out of School

Ishawu Sharif with his mother Salifu Sanatu

In major cities across the country, disabled persons rely on begging on the streets for financial support to survive however Ishawu Sharif, 13, a pupil of Dakpema Primary school at Changli, a suburb of Tamale Metropolis is determined to achieve greatness through education.

However, the dream of Ishawu Sharif becoming the voice of the voiceless in society is challenged by some difficulties.

Ishawu Sharif risk dropping out of school due to the rickety nature of his walker which aids him to move from his home to the school.

Ishawu spends about 40 minutes walking with his walker to school and on a normal day, he spends 15 minutes from his home to the school.

A journey by DGN Online with Ishawu from his home to the school revealed that his walker had developed cracks, weak tyres, and metals which caused him to stop and fix them on countless occasions before he got to school.

According to Ishawu, he gets tired by the time he arrives at school due to the rickety walker which he said affects his concentration in school.

“ I sometimes get tired and even sleep in class because I get tired of pushing the walker and because some parts are spoilt it delays me in reporting to school on time but I have no choice because that is my only means of movement. I want to appeal to anybody who can help to provide me with a new walker or tricycle.”

In an interview with DGN Online, Madam Salifu Sanatu, the unemployed mother of Ishawu, indicated that he was not born disabled and that it was due to a serious illness he battled in his early childhood.

According to her, Ishawu is a brilliant child, and he is determined to be educated.

“My wished is to see him complete school and get a job to do, since he cannot do anything apart from school due to his condition.”

She expressed worry over her inability to provide him with a new walker, school uniforms, shoes, school bag, and learning materials among others due to her unemployment status and illness.

“ I want to appeal for support for my child anybody who can help him realize his dreams should come to his aid and support him.”

Sustainable Development Goal 4 which Ghana is signed onto calls for ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promotion of lifelong learning opportunities for all but the condition of Ishawu Sharif could deny this opportunity.

Despite government initiatives such as the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty(LEAP) program, disabled persons continue to wallow in poverty while the majority of them are not even aware of the disability fund, let alone access it.

FROM Eric Kombat, Tamale