Doctrinaire Security Experts Shut Up!!!

Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo

Ghana appears to be the only country where all manner of persons parade themselves as security experts. And interestingly, the security experts do not come out to expose them out of their characteristic modesty.

A general knowledge about the trouble spots around the world or even the history of Al Shabab or ISIS does not make one a security expert.

We are concerned about nonentities holding themselves as such and even responding to the appellations thereof.

Even when they are not called to speak on very critical issues, they jump onto the public space to drop their opinions on rather critical matters bordering on national security.

We do not want to glorify such persons and would therefore deal with the subject generally by avoiding making direct references to them. Denying such persons the glory would be in our best interest as a nation. The media should, in our view, review their list of security experts and clean such compendiums accordingly. We do not suffer a dearth of such experts in Ghana: they can be found among the list of retired national security managers, intelligence officers and the law enforcement system.

Giving precious airtime to young men with shallow knowledge about national security issues is being frivolous with matters which should not be treated as such.

Whoever thinks that the leaked audio recording from the NDC meeting should be discarded have only exposed their shallow mindedness in such matters.

Undergoing a masters degree programme in peacekeeping studies not qualify holders of such qualifications as security experts; we dare say.

We are aware about how such persons use the media to exalt themselves in society. This is why they would quickly jump onto any subject to express their opinions no matter how nonsensical such interventions would be.

 The security experts hardly talk no matter how hard they are pushed to express their opinion on matters bordering on national security.

The man who a few days ago told Ghanaians to ignore Ofosu Ampofo’s disclosures about the plans the party has for the country come 2020 really does not know what he is talking about.

Those who lived through the AFRC and PNDC days would look at him and laugh. He was but a kid then and cannot boast of knowing what really took place then other than what he has read.

We are talking about a party ready to engage retired soldiers and cops to create instability in the country and you say that should be ignored and this coming after the former President had boasted about the violent pedigree of the party? That is balderdash.

The top cops at the CID headquarters know what constitutes national security challenges and they require immediate attention. Their invitation to the originator of the remarks to report to the CID headquarters is steeped in law. Let them shut up and allow the law enforcers to do their work.