Domino’s Pizza Opens New Branch At East Legon

Stephanie Sullivan (5th left) in a pose with management of Domino Pizza after the launch

The world’s largest pizza company, Domino’s Pizza, has spread its tentacles to East Legon, having gained grounds with its Osu Oxford Street branch.

With over 17,100 pizza outlets across the world, global pizza brand Domino’s Pizza launched the East Legon branch drawing high profile personalities which include Stephanie Sullivan, the United States Ambassador to Ghana.

The US Ambassador to Ghana said at the launch, “Since acquiring its first store in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to opening its first franchise store in 1967, Domino’s has grown year after year, reaching over 17,100 stores in locations across the globe.

“Everyone loves Domino’s Pizza back home in the United States and has stories to tell of it.  For me, I remember the iconic slogan “Domino’s delivers,” when food delivery services were rare.  When I was at the university, Domino’s Pizza boxes were a telltale sign of students pulling “all-nighters” to finish term papers or study for upcoming exams.”

She added, “In Washington, I am told, reporters used to track Domino’s delivery vehicles to government buildings after hours to pick up the “scent” of a breaking story. Now, there are many food delivery options, but Domino’s was a real trailblazer in delivery service.

“And Ghana’s political stability, security, and its new role as the host of the African Continental Free Trade Area Secretariat are enticing for more and more US companies. In fact, most of us saw the news on Monday that another US company, technology giant Twitter, will make Ghana its new African headquarters and is already advertising for new jobs here.”

Domino’s Pizza has been brought to Ghana by Fire Foods Africa, a leading platform for QSR brands in sub-Saharan Africa, as its exclusive Master Franchisee for Ghana.

Besides the handmade Pizzas, the joint also provide Chicken Wings, Stuffed Cheesy Bread, Garlic Bread Sticks, Mozzarella Bites and more.

Customers   have an option of dining in, picking up pizzas via carryout, or opting for delivery via phone or online.