‘Double Your Efforts To Increase Productivity’

Morgan Ayawine

GENERAL SECRETARY of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU), Morgan Ayawine, has called on workers to redouble their “efforts to increase productivity as a panacea for full recovery and advancement” from the economic effects of COVID-19.

In a New Year message to members of ICU-Ghana, Mr. Ayawine noted that “full recovery can only be achieved if “workers would continue to be more disciplined and committed to our duties at all times and ensure the sustainability of industrial peace and harmony at the workplace and beyond.”

According to him, such approach would in no doubt affirm the union’s collaboration with stakeholders to take “our destiny into our own hands and help in building a prosperous nation.”

“As workers, there is the need for you to do away with any negative tendencies of the past years and forge ahead with determination and in unison with employers as you play your expected roles towards the sustainability and profitability of the organisations you work for and, by extension, the growth of the national economy,” he continued.

The ICU General Secretary said the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been devastating human lives, businesses and labour activities in recent times is not over yet.

“As a new variant called OMICRON reputed to be of a more devastating nature than its predecessors, has reared its ugly head, thus calling for extreme caution on our part as human beings and for that matter Ghanaian workers who play key roles in attainment of the National goals,” he stressed.

He wants workers of the country not to carry over the negativity of the past to the New Year, 2022, as they look forward to its good prospects and great expectations.

For him, upon assuming office as General Secretary of theunionafter the ICU 11th Quadrennial Delegates’ Conference in August, 2021, he had, together with his colleague leadership members, been very much in sync with the hopes and aspirations of workers and members of the union.

“We have dedicated ourselves from day one of assuming office, to work towards the realisation of your genuine aspirations in positive collaboration with our social partners (i.e. employers),” he stated and saluted all workers of the country.

BY Ernest Kofi Adu