Dumsor Is Not Back – ECG

Samuel Mahama


In response to mounting concerns from power consumers across the country, Samuel Mahama, the managing director of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), addressed speculations of a possible return to the era of power rationing, commonly referred to as dumsor.

During an appearance on the Asaase Breakfast Show on Friday, Mahama clarified that the recent challenges faced by the power distributing company were related to maintenance issues and were not indicative of a dumsor resurgence.

Acknowledging the frustration expressed by some consumers and taking full accountability for the situation, Mahama extended a public apology and clarified the nature of the recent disruptions.

He emphasized, “I would like to take this opportunity to say that dumsor is not back. We suffered a maintenance setback. Everybody knows about ECG but most people don’t know that it is a value chain, for ECG what is given to us is what we distribute.”

Highlighting the significance of effective communication, Mahama recognized the need for improved transparency and proactive engagement with the public to dispel misconceptions and allow consumers to plan ahead.

Reiterating that the recent challenges were primarily maintenance-related, Mahama assured the public that steps were being taken to address the issues promptly and prevent any prolonged disruptions in the supply of electricity.

He concluded by pledging the commitment of the ECG to enhancing communication strategies and ensuring a more seamless distribution process going forward.

By clarifying the situation and refuting claims of a dumsor resurgence, Mahama sought to reassure consumers and underscored the company’s dedication to providing reliable and uninterrupted power services.

By Vincent Kubi