Ghanaian Chef Faila Fails Guinness World Record Attempt For Longest Individual Cooking Marathon


Ghanaian Chef Failatu Abdul-Razak has unfortunately failed in her attempt to become the Guinness World Record holder for the longest individual cooking marathon, also known as a cook-a-thon.

The attempt, which garnered attention from audiences around the world, did not meet the strict guidelines set forth by Guinness World Records.

The Records Management Team released a statement citing a violation of the rest break rules as the reason for the unsuccessful attempt. Despite this setback, the team at Guinness World Records commended Chef Faila’s efforts and encouraged her to submit future record proposals.

Chef Failatu, in a statement released today, expressed deep gratitude to her supporters.
She thanked her sponsors and partners for their unwavering support throughout the journey.
Chef Faila remains undeterred by the disappointment and sees this attempt as an invaluable experience. She is committed to pushing boundaries in the culinary world.

The cooking marathon, which began at midnight on January 1, 2024, was initially intended to finish on the morning of January 5, 2024. However, Chef Failatu extended the marathon until January 10, 2024, ultimately recording an overwhelming 227 hours. This exceeded the current record set by Irish Chef Alan Fisher, who finished at 119 hours and 57 minutes.

Chef Faila’s journey was made possible by the support of headline sponsors Electroland Ghana, Pomo Tomato Paste, and Verna Mineral Water, as well as various media partners. She also expressed her appreciation to other partners, including the Ghana Tourism Authority, Jordin Kitchenware, the Tamale Teaching Hospital, and the Ghana Armed Forces.

Failatu Abdul Razak is renowned for her innovative approach to cooking and continues to inspire audiences worldwide with her culinary creations. Guinness World Records, known for documenting remarkable achievements since 1955, celebrates human endeavor and exceptional accomplishments from around the globe. Even though Failatu’s attempt did not result in a new world record, it has undoubtedly showcased her dedication and hard work in the culinary industry.

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By Vincent Kubi