ECG, GRIDCo Embark On 3-Week Dumsor Over Nigeria Gas Shutdown


In response to the burgeoning gas constraint emanating from Nigeria, the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have come forward to declare a forthcoming three-week period of load management to mitigate potential disruptions in power supply across the nation.

The announcement, made in unison by both entities on Thursday, June 13, 2024 underscores a proactive measure being taken to address the repercussions of significant maintenance activities initiated by a gas supplier in Nigeria, the West Africa Gas Pipeline.

The joint statement published by ECG and GRIDCo outlined that the impending load management strategy has been necessitated by crucial maintenance operations currently underway within Nigeria, with an anticipated duration of three weeks.

The imperative for instituting this temporary load management regime is tied to the marked reduction in overall power generation capacity in Ghana resulting from the ongoing maintenance works impeding the importation of requisite gas volumes from Nigeria into Ghana’s energy infrastructure.

Detailing the reason behind recent disruptions in power distribution experienced in various regions of the country, the joint communique attributed these inconsistencies directly to the diminished flow of gas supplies originating from Nigeria since June 12.

Expressing regret for any inconvenience arising from the maintenance work, ECG and GRIDCo reassured the public of their commitment to leveraging strategic partnerships within the power value chain to optimize the utilization of extant resources.

This concerted effort aims at alleviating the potential impact of the reduced gas supply on consumers.

“As we navigate this challenging period necessitated by external factors affecting gas imports, we are actively engaged with all stakeholders in the power sector to implement measures geared towards curtailing disruptions and ensuring minimal adverse effects on consumers,” affirmed the collaborative statement issued by ECG and GRIDCo.

By Vincent Kubi