Elmina-Based Benya FM Vandalised

Information available to DGN Online indicates that Elmina-based radio station in the Central Region, Benya FM have reportedly come under physical attack by some unknown persons.

The attackers allegedly stormed the studio whilst a live talk show on fishing and premix fuel distribution issues was in session and assaulted the presenter.

This resulted in the radio station going off-air till the time of this report.

The unfortunate incident happened when the host and some panelists were speaking against the improper distribution of premix fuel in the area.

Host of the show, Eric Blessing Eshun who was assaulted accused the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the area, Ebo Appiah of being behind the incident.

According to him, “what I gathered there was that they are the boys from the MCE’s office.

He said he had only told the MCE to find his boys “jobs to do or let them stay away from them.”

He has lodged a complaint with the police who has opened investigation into the matter.

“We went to the police last night and everything was put on paper, and they gave me a report to go to the hospital.”

However, the MCE’s has denied involvement in the act, saying that “It is so suicidal for the person to conclude that MCE’s boys. What does he hope to achieve?”

He therefore called on the police to expedite their investigation to establish the perpetrators of the act.

“This matter is a matter of the law and the police will deal with it drastically,” he added.

By Vincent Kubi