Elsie Obeng-Kwakye To Unveil Documentary Film On Teenage Mothers


Elsie Obeng-Kwakye, a distinguished Ghanaian Film and Television director, producer, and writer, is set to premiere a compelling documentary film addressing the challenges faced by teenage mothers.

Her work continues to throw spotlight on crucial societal issues, and this documentary is no exception.

Elsie Obeng-Kwakye’s illustrious career began with her graduation in 2015, where she earned a BFA in Television Production from the National Film & Television Institute, now known as the UniMac Institute of Film & Television, located in Accra, Ghana.

Her educational journey also includes certifications in acting for film from the Eagle Drama College and Digital skills.

Presently, she is a student at the University of Professional Studies, pursuing MA in Brands and Communication Management.

Over the years, Elsie Obeng-Kwakye has participated in a wide array of local and international productions, spanning advertisements, films, television programs, and documentaries.

This diverse experience has honed her storytelling abilities, enabling her to effectively address pressing societal issues through the medium of film.

In 2015, Elsie completed her national service at her alma mater, NAFTI, where she later continued her association with the institution from 2016 to 2019.

During this period, she served as a teaching assistant and director for the Center for National Distance Learning & Open School (CENDLOS).

She directed over sixty educational video lessons in science for Senior High School students, making a significant contribution to education in Ghana.
Elsie Obeng-Kwakye’s remarkable achievements in 2018 further solidified her position as an influential filmmaker.

She became the first director/producer to premiere a documentary in Ghana at the prestigious West Hills Mall.

In that same year, she introduced a groundbreaking children’s cooking show titled “MYSTERY BASKET JUNIOR” on Ghone television, emphasizing her commitment to engaging and educating young minds.

In 2018, Elsie founded her own film company, Eisle Produktion, marking the beginning of her latest projects.

Her upcoming documentary, titled “UNEXPECTED,” delves into the lives of four teenage girls, a teenage mother, and a mother of eleven children who began giving birth at the age of 14.

This powerful documentary explores the factors contributing to teenage pregnancies, the challenges faced by teenage mothers, the impact on their education, their current circumstances, and prospects for the future.

In addition to “UNEXPECTED,” Elsie Obeng-Kwakye’s documentary “SIR” sheds light on the displacement of children in James Town following the 2020 demolition of their homes along the seashore and its surroundings.

These thought-provoking documentaries are scheduled to premiere on December 8, 2023, accompanied by a fundraiser to support the causes they represent. Elsie Obeng-Kwakye continues to utilize her filmmaking prowess to challenge societal norms and make a meaningful impact on her community.

Her dedication to addressing critical issues through film serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and advocates for positive social change.