Expect Exciting ITF Tour …McDan Promises

Bernard Ashitey

Chairman of the McDan Group, Dr. Daniel McKorley, has promised an exciting tennis tourney as Ghana hosts the world at the Accra Sports Stadium Tennis Court.

Yesterday, an exciting qualifier preceded the McDan ITF World Tour which zooms into full action today at the various courts.

“Preparation for the tourney has been solid as we don’t compromise on quality at McDan. I watched a few of the qualifiers and I said if that is anything to go by then, we should expect an exciting tennis in the next few days,” the McDan boss said.

Below are the pairings for today’s matches.

Court 1

Japheth Bagerbaseh (GHA) vs Christian Paul (NGR) 

Benjamin Lock (ZIM)/Courtney John Lock (ZIM)

Vs Tukhula Jacobs (NAM)/ Eric Vanshelboim (UKR)

Andrea Bessire (ITA)/ Francesco Bessire(ITA) Vs Michael John Every(CUW)/ Kent Tagashira(JPN)

Court 2 

Andre Gaspar Murta (POR) vs Francesco Bessire (ITA)

 Jurence Zosimo Mendoza (PHI)/ Kevin Zannou (BEN) vs Johnson Acquah(GHA)/ Bernard Ashitey Armaah(GHA)

 Alexey Dubinin ( RUS)/ Len Schouten(NED) vs Andre Gaspar Murta(POL)/ Oleg Knotkov(UKR)

Centre Court

Arnaud Sewanou (BEN) vs William Bushamuka (USA) 

 Darryl Hale (GBR)/ Niklas Johansson (SWE) vs Cheraag Bajwa (GBR)/ Nichols Nugent (GBR)

 Japheth Bagerbaseh (GHA)/ Daniel Quartey (GHA) vs Christian Paul (NGR) vs Joseph Imeh Ubon(NGR)

 Benjamin Fumi (GHA)/ Benjamin Palm(GHA) vs William Bushamuka(USA)/ Luke Jacob Gamble (USA) 

Court 3

Kent Tagashira (JPN) vs Mehluli Don Ayanda Sibanda (ZIM) 

Mehluli Don Ayanda Sibanda (ZIM)/ Ryan James Storrie (GBR) vs Abdoulaziz Bationo(BEN)/ Arnaud Sewanou(BEN).

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