Fancy Gadam Fights Covid-19 With New Song

Fancy Gadam

Tamale-based afro-pop and dancehall artiste, Ahmed Mujahid Bello, aka Fancy Gadam, has released a new song to educate the masses about the effects of the deadly disease.

The single, which was released a few days ago, talks about how the disease spreads, its effects on our health and how the world can come together to conquer it.

The lyrics are simple and to the point, urging people to “rub, rub, rub” their hands, avoid touching their faces, and stay away from crowded places among others.

Fancy Gadam, who is one of the most-sought-after performers in the Northern Region, said the single titled ‘Corona’ and sung in Dagbani was produced by Dr. Fiza.

According to him, the motive behind the new single is to use local dialects to engage and educate the masses about the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We need to collectively fight the deadly disease and let us pray for the nation and hopefully Allah would wipe this virus away from the surface of the earth,” he said.

The song, yet to be aired on all the radio stations in the country, will be made available for download on online digital platforms soon.

Fancy Gadam began his music career at the age of 12 as a performer at schools and public events.

He has six studio albums to his credit; ‘Kalipo’, ‘Ashili’, ‘Nawuni Yiko’, ‘Takahi’, ‘Mujahid’ and ‘Dream’.

In 2016, Fancy Gadam signed a one year deal with Twellium Company Limited, manufacturers of rush energy drink, as the brand ambassador for the the northern regions of Ghana.

Fancy Gadam was endorsed by the Ministry of Inner City And Zongo Development and The Commission for National Culture as the new Face of Zongo community at the Zongofest 2017, an event that is hosted to honor individuals who have contributed to the development of Zongo communities in Ghana.

By George Clifford Owusu